Custom services

Three custom email marketing services for all your different needs.

Your wish is our command. That’s why we offer three different services based on your specific needs. Obviously you already have a thousand things on your mind. And taking care of everything is just too much damn work. But you still want everything to be perfect. That’s why we’re here for you. Whatever the problem is, we‘ll take care of it!

Email review

Email reviews

A complete email report for your business so you know what works and what could work even better.

Our email reviews offer an in-depth analysis of your email marketing efforts. Not some random email guide with tips that aren’t even relevant to your business. Oh no, you’ll get a personal report with expert recommendations, practical suggestions and actionable advice to get your email marketing on track.

Email campaign performance

Subject lines, preview panes, headlines, body copy, call to actions, sending frequency, overall email metrics,…

Email template performance

Template branding, links, call to actions, mobile optimization, images, template structure, email content,…

Segmentation & personalization

List structure, segments, email personalisation, dynamic content,…

Technical setup & deliverability

Email service provider choice, list data quality, domain name authentication, sender reputation,…

Email campaign management

Creative email campaigns or day-to-day email production? We’ve got your back.

Not enough time, resources or expertise in-house to manage your email campaigns? No worries! We make sure that every stage of your email marketing campaign runs smoothly and that you get the results you are hoping for.

From campaign planning, creative design and campaign setup to reporting and analysis. We think proactively about your business and will identify new and exciting approaches to increase the impact of all your email campaigns.


Promotional emails

You want to promote a new product line or do something special for a certain holiday? We create and build custom email campaigns that boost sales.

Lifecycle emails

Each person is unique. By learning about their needs, habits and behaviors we can send super segmented emails that they will love. In return you’ll get happy customers that are truly engaged with your business. Whatever stage of the buying cycle they’re in.

Transactional emails

Often overlooked, but still important for your brand image. Emails you send when someone places an order, forgot their password or as a reply from your customer service. They all add value to the relationship you build with your customer.

Custom email templates

Beautiful and effective email templates that give your brand the attention it deserves.

You need an email template that is effective yet pretty. Because we all know you only get one shot at getting your message across. That’s why we build and design personalized templates that do justice to your brand. Let your readers feast their eyes on your emails while you convert them to loyal customers.

High-quality and mobile-friendly email templates

Did you know that more than half of all emails are opened on mobile devices? We make sure your emails look great on large screens, small screens and everything in between.

Effective design that enforces your brand image

Emails aren’t just supposed to be pretty. That’s why we focus on a design that structures your content perfectly, is completely in line with your brand image AND entices your audience to take action.

Shining like a star in all modern mailclients

There are a ton of mailclients out there. Whether your readers use Gmail, Outlook or Apple Mail, we guarantee that your emails display equally beautiful in all these programs.

And of course, you'll always get:

Years of experience in email marketing

With over 7 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of email marketing. We’ve successfully handled email programs for small businesses, global enterprises, ecommerce businesses, B2Bs, B2Cs and non-profit organisations. We hope you’re next on the list!

Clear and fast communication

We make sure your project will be picked up and handled in record time. Our key to success? Informing and engaging our clients about what our team is doing, and what the impact is.In addition, we welcome your questions and insights at any time.

A talented team of email experts

We work closely together with a network of digital Jedi Masters. Designers, developers, copywriters, user experience experts, data specialists,… from all over the world. With our skills combined, we provide effective email solutions that appeal to, engage and activate your prospects and customers.

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