Email management services

Not enough time, resources or expertise in-house to manage your email campaigns? No worries! With our top-notch email management services, we make sure that every stage of your email marketing campaign runs smoothly. Let’s get the results you’re hoping for!

From campaign planning, creative design, template development and campaign setup to reporting and analysis. We like to think proactively about your business. In addition, together we will find new and exciting approaches to increase the impact of your email campaigns.

Design & development

Template design and development

We design and develop high-quality custom email templates that enforce your brand image, display properly on all modern devices and integrate perfectly with your preferred email platform. 

Promotional emails

Promotional emails

You want to promote a new product line or do something special for a certain holiday? We create and build custom email campaigns that boost sales.

Lifecycle emails

Lifecycle emails

Each person is unique. By learning about their needs, habits and behaviors we can send super segmented emails that they will love. In return, you’ll get happy customers that are truly engaged with your business. Whatever stage of the buying cycle they’re in.

Transactional emails

Transactional emails

Often overlooked, but still important for your brand image. Emails you send when someone places an order, forgot their password or as a reply from your customer service. They all add value to the relationship you build with your customer.

Let's discuss your email project

Book a call with Saluton and let’s have a chat about your business, your goals and projects.

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Years of experience in the digital space

With over 8 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of digital communication. We’ve successfully handled digital projects for small businesses, global enterprises, ecommerce businesses, B2Bs, B2Cs and non-profit organisations. We hope you’re next on the list!


Clear and fast communication

We make sure your project will be picked up and handled in record time. Our key to success? Informing and engaging our clients about what our team is doing, and what the impact is. In addition, we welcome your questions and insights at any time.


A talented team of digital experts

We work closely together with a network of digital Jedi Masters. Designers, developers, copywriters, user experience experts, data specialists,… from all over the world. With our skills combined, we provide effective digital services for your brand or agency.