How we work

What can you expect when you work with us?

Our approach

We’re not your traditional, corporate agency but friends that you can rely on. We want to help you grow your business and make your ecommerce dreams come to life.

We believe that quality work is the result of inspiring collaborations, clear communication and sharing of knowledge.

These values are crucial to us at every stage of the process.

First things first… let’s say hi!

After you contacted us, we’ll send you an intake application form. Once you’ve submitted the form, we will review your application and get back to you.

If your application is approved, we schedule a call to get to know each other and dive in the details of your business, your goals and challenges.

During this call, you’ll be in direct contact with PJ and Babs, founders of Saluton and the project managers who will make sure every part of the process runs smoothly.

We’ll make sure we understand where you stand now and where you’d like to go with your ecommerce business.

When we have a clear view about what goals you’d like to achieve, your project manager starts by creating a detailed email briefing.

The email briefing will be based on your brand guidelines and the resources you provide during the onboarding process.

With this briefing, our creative team knows exactly which emails you need, which message they need to convey and and what they will look like.

This is the phase where your emails come to life. Exciting!

If you don’t have an email template yet, our creative team and UX expert will start by designing and developing a branded master template. This template will be used for all your future email communications. It consists of different, modular content blocks that can be stacked together depending on which email structure you need. A very efficient way of creating new emails which saves you time and money in the long run.

Then our creative team continues by creating the specific email content. They write your email copy and design appealing visuals which are then merged together in a first draft. This will be handed over to our quality assurance squad.

Although we believe that quality assurance is a team sport, we have a dedicated squad that makes sure all bloopers are fixed before we show you the first draft.

With an eagle eye, our QA squad dots the I’s and crosses the T’s. They do spelling checks, click on all the links, check images and they make sure that the segments and logical flow of the campaign is on point.

As long as mistakes keep popping up, the email will go back and forth between the QA squad and your project manager until everything is fixed.

Now is the big moment: you get to see your email campaign for the first time.

If you are happy with the end result, all you need to do is approve the draft and we’ll continue setting up your email campaign.

If there are some things you’d like to change, you can send your remarks and suggestions to your project manager. The process then repeats until you are completely happy with the result.

We typically include 2 review rounds per email.

After your approval, we get to the final stretch before pressing send. Your project manager adds the finishing touches, prepares the email for sendout and performs a final double and triple check!

This way we ensure that there are no problems or mistakes in your email campaign when it goes out to your beloved subscribers.

When we press the send button, you can sit back, relax and grab a cocktail while the results are rolling in.

After your email campaign went live, your project manager will provide an email report that shows you exactly how well the campaign performed.

We won’t just dump the report in your inbox and leave you with it. Oh no, we will add our thoughts and make suggestions on how to improve the results for future email campaigns.

And of course, you'll always get:

Years of experience in email marketing

With over 7 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of email marketing. We’ve successfully handled email programs for small businesses, global enterprises, ecommerce businesses, B2Bs, B2Cs and non-profit organisations. We hope you’re next on the list!

Clear and fast communication

We make sure your project will be picked up and handled in record time. Our key to success? Informing and engaging our clients about what our team is doing, and what the impact is.In addition, we welcome your questions and insights at any time.

A talented team of email experts

We work closely together with a network of digital Jedi Masters. Designers, developers, copywriters, user experience experts, data specialists,… from all over the world. With our skills combined, we provide effective email solutions that appeal to, engage and activate your prospects and customers.

Holy guacamole, I want in

That’s great. We’d love to hear from you!

You can book a free consultation so we can have a chat about your business, your goals and challenges.