Hello, we are Saluton

Your new email marketing friends

So email marketing, huh?

You are passionate about your ecommerce business. You put a lot of work in finding the perfect niche, creating or finding amazing products and setting up a beautiful website. Everything runs smoothly but deep down you know that your business could grow even further.

Maybe you already gave email marketing a try. But it hasn’t really made an impact or generated the results that you were hoping for.

You know that connecting with prospects and customers is super important and that ‘the money is in the list’ but you just want to focus on developing your business instead of wasting time on *sigh* sending emails.

Relax, that’s where we come in

We at Saluton design and build personalised, effective and automated email programs specifically suited to ecommerce businesses.

We’ll help you grow your email list, create a solid first hello between your brand and your subscribers, turn your subscribers into customers and nurture an awesome relationship with your prospects and customers. Yay! This way you can keep doing what you really want to do, while we take care of the rest.

Meet the team

We are PJ and Babs, founders of Saluton and your go-to people for all your ecommerce email marketing questions. We’re not your average email agency. Don’t just tell us what to do ‘cause we will do more than that. We are creative strategists, out of the box thinkers if you will. We think proactively about your next best move. Following your ecommerce dreams and delivering even more than that. Because we will always root for you!

PJ Decoster

Chief email architect, guitarist, professional planner with a touch of OCD

Babs Cordemans

Word wizard, shower singer, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s