Activate your leads
& customers with email

Saluton is an email agency for retail & eCommerce. We help you boost sales & retain more customers with email automation & engaging campaigns.

If your brand helps customers overcome their challenges, you become the hero of their story & that sets you for a golden future.

That’s what email marketing is all about: delivering maximum value at every step of the customer journey.

PJ Decoster

Founder & Senior Email Strategist

Activate the HUGE potential of email with us

Hint: we go beyond boosting sales

Build a community of your own

We grow high-quality email communities of new visitors & excited customers through hyper-targeted pop-ups, irresistible welcome offers and smashing lead campaigns. And yes, your email list is yours alone, not owned by social media overlords or marketplace magnates.

Understand your audience better

We learn more about your audiences’ wants & needs by implementing customer research throughout their journey. Then we use these key insights to improve your marketing, sales & customer support.

Improve your acquisition results

We leverage the uncovered insights from your customer research to build more targeted audiences & improve the performance of your acquisition ads.

Strengthen your customers’ experience

We proactively deliver valuable content to the right audience at the right time to improve your customers’ experience & to reduce negative reviews.

Boost (repeat) sales

We create delightful campaigns and automated emails with timely reminders, targeted promotions & inspirational content that make your customers come back for more.

Collect reviews & user-generated content on autopilot

We implement automated emails that capture reviews from those who’ve just bought from you & encourage your best customers to spread the words of your brand through content created by them.

Validate new ideas & reduce risks

We validate your new ideas & help you find clarity in what works and what doesn’t with insightful A/B tests submitted to the right audience.

Distribute your content more effectively

We get more eyes on the content you create through inspiring campaigns & by strategically placing your content in the right automation flow.

Email marketing isn’t about boring newsletters anymore.

We want to create exciting content that supports your brand story, while creating a stellar customer experience that makes them fall deeper in love with you.

Babs Cordemans

Creative lead & Copywriter

These brands are crushing their email goals

Alcohol free doesn’t mean fun free. The story of GIMBER is far from traditional. And so is their email marketing, which we’ve been conducting for them from the get-go.

Looking to revamp their Klaviyo email automation,  seeking guidance in better segmentation and improving their campaign results, they approached Saluton. Here’s how we helped them.

Curating sustainable, eco-friendly brands from all over the world, Wooden Amsterdam was blown away by our approach to grow their positive impact with our complete email strategy.

The ecommerce & email marketing strategies Saluton suggested & implemented drove numbers from 20 to 40% of the website sales, this while the overall business doubled during that same timeframe. Mesmerising.

Gregory Lienart


It's HOW we work that makes a difference

There’s a roaring fire in our hearts to make your brand stand out with attention-grabbing email marketing. Strategically, creatively & technically.

We work lean and mean. You’ll never have to guess what we’re up to. We’re straight to the point, transparent & get things done on time, every time.

Consider us a plug-n-play email partner. Once we’re in, your business goals become ours & we happily work closely with your preferred partners.

You’ll appreciate our core beliefs: we’re here to educate, empower, inspire and delight your brand & audiences every step of the way.

Our 5 steps to email glory

We get to know your brand, business & customers

We can’t be an extension of you if we don’t know you. We always start with a deep-dive workshop & email audit to collect useful insights about your brand, business and customers, your webshop & current email performance.

We map your customer journey

We map each relevant touchpoint of your customer journey in a comprehensive flowchart. We then use it as the framework for your email automation flows.

We build your email flows

We write, design, build & test your full email program. We focus on the most impactful flows first so you can enjoy tangible results asap.

We delight your audience with engaging campaigns

To consistently engage your audience, we plan rock-solid email campaigns in line with your marketing calendar. According to your needs, go for 2, 4, 8 or more campaigns/month.

We analyse, optimise & report

As your dedicated email partner, we keep thinking of how your email program can be improved. We keep track of the results, recommend optimisations & update on the outcomes along the way.

Let’s get your business growing

We offer you a 30-minute one-to-one to show you the potential of meaningful email marketing for your brand.