The world of Wooden Amsterdam

Inspired by the beautiful, eco-friendly lifestyle items of the Wooden Amsterdam webshop, we proactively reached out to them to see if they were interested in growing their online story with email marketing. And we got lucky: they were.

To get their emails back on the right track, we crafted a full automation journey using behavioral triggers & adapted messaging based on customer wants and needs. Combining these flows with a strategic campaign calendar, we made sure to communicate consistently & to be in line with their overall marketing efforts.

A full customer journey covered with relevant email touchpoints.

A consistently growing engaged email list through smart pop-ups, sign up forms and a tailor-made quiz.

From 7% to 28% of email revenue within the first 3 months of our partnership.

Welcome flow

A friendly welcome into the world of Wooden Amsterdam with strategic message splits based on the customer’s interest, which we collected at signup.

Cart abandonment flow

A crucial flow to bring back those who almost placed an order… but left.

Post-purchase flows for new and repeat customers

Get rid of buyer’s remorse & deliver an exceptional onboarding experience to keep engagement & excitement high after a purchase.