Exploring new countries and cultures, enjoying local food, spending time in beautiful nature, meeting new people,… My girlfriend and I have always loved to travel.

Unfortunately, society usually sees travel as an escape from the daily grind. For months in a row you work a 9-5 job and then get a few weeks off to forget about the fact that you are spending most of your time between the same walls. A sober reality that wasn’t fulfilling our needs and dreams.

Therefore, we decided to take the leap and try a lifestyle that involves both travel AND working: we give ourselves one year to become digital nomads and build our own email agency for ecommerce businesses.

So contrary to popular belief, we are not on a holiday but we are working from abroad, while experiencing new environments, experiences and local cultures.

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”
– Seth Godin –

Introducing: Saluton

As a freelancer, I noticed that I was mostly hired to work on small, one-off projects instead of – what I really love to do – working on a strategic level, building up or finetuning email marketing programs for ecommerce websites.

That’s why I decided to reposition my business. No more ‘PJ the email guy’. Instead we proudly announce our email agency ‘Saluton’!

Logo Saluton Agency


Saluton will be operated remotely by myself and my girlfriend Babs. We will work together with an international team of email marketing professionals to design and build awesome email solutions for ecommerce businesses.

So what’s next?

Setting up an agency structure is a lot of work. Currently, I am finishing the transition of my website while updating my services. Once this is done, I will start finetuning the processes for client intakes and proposal writing.

By the end of this month, I aim to have the basic agency foundation set up in place. Then, the real work can start: getting our first client projects.

In addition, we will keep on documenting how this year will evolve. Curious about where we are or what is happening? You can follow us on instagram or read more on the brand new blog of Babs.

We are more than excited to make this work and to prove that running a business while traveling and enjoying the world is possible. Let’s do this!